The DOSE to succeed in Content Marketing

Injecting this DOSE will put you on the winning trajectory!

Arihara Sudhan
2 min readJan 22, 2023

You know what content marketing is! ( if not click here)

Now lets see how to succeed in it.

Several successful strategies will help you level up your content marketing.

But do you what works — Strategy with emotions!

If your service go-to-market(GTM) approach is without any emotions, you are seldom selling your product.

So, what is DOSE?

DOSE is Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins


DOSE is an emotion inducer, and all you need is to kindle the DOSE hormones to persuade your target audience.

It is all about making your audience act, than convincing them to pick your choose your service.

How DOSE works?

D. Providing “Essential information/content” acts as a reward pathway inducing Dopamine.
O. Oxytocin releases when you build trust and relationships.
S. Serotonin is an empathy hormone. It gets released when you show empathy. It is the starting point of working together, solving problems, and communicating effectively and constructively.
E. People love to laugh, and when your storytelling is “professionally funny”, you literally tingle the endorphins in your audience’s mind.

💫 So your content should have relevant information, build trust, show that you care, and make them laugh as well. 💫

The DOSE should do 70% of your content marketing, while the remaining 30% is just persuasion and positioning.


For DOSE to work, you will have to create compelling content and follow the SEO best practices.

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