Why Is Content An Essential and Integral Piece Of Sales Enablement?

A case study that will help you understand why and how your content is helping your sales enablement!

Arihara Sudhan
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Why Is Content An Essential and Integral Piece Of Sales Enablement?

Have you seen A.R. Rahman’s Old Airtel Ad?

If not, you should. It is a masterpiece! Here is the video link

AR Rahman’s old Airtel AD

Fascinating. Even now, I get goosebumps!

But we hate Airtel salespeople ringing our doorbell to sell their SIM Cards! Right?

Have you wondered what is the reason for that?

Well, I can sense your answers. You may think it is “Competition”.

Well, maybe. But we cannot put it entirely in the competition framework.

It is because we see salespeople as “selling” people. They sell!

And psychologically, people don’t want to be sold!

This takes us to the first reason why content is an essential and integral piece of Sales Enablement.

Content answers the intent!

AR Rahman’s Airtel ad is also a selling strategy, and it works because it comes with mesmerizing music, with clear intent. And that drags people to the nearby Airtel stores to buy their SIM.

When the intent is served with the right information (Infotainment), to the right audience, it is 100% sure that it will convert and enable sales.

Content answers the “Why.”

If you talk to the salespeople who knock on your door, the first question they ask is, “What sim card are you using?”

If we answer that, they will tell us what features their SIM card will provide.

That is good! A great product should have great features. But do you know what people love to hear? Benefits. How the product will benefit them? What is in it for the customer to buy the product?

Content helps the users navigate!

Do you realize what the Airtel Ad did to us? They navigated to their product through an ad.

But how? Through AIDA.

  1. Attention — They got our attention by bringing AR Rahman aboard!
  2. Interest — The airtel phone is shown in the ad. It instills our curiosity. We want to know about Airtel by now!
  3. Desire — We go to the site or to the store. Amazing ambiance. The executives are cordial. The SIM has a variety of features. Wow! I would love the SIM.
  4. Action — We call to Action! That is it. Customers converted through content.

That is the power of content in sales enablement!

Note: Create a strong topical authority-based framework and use the AIDA for your Pillar page.

Learn more about Topical Authority here

Content establishes connection

One final reason why content is an essential and integral piece of Sales Enablement is “Connection.”

It is hard to connect with the salespeople banging on your door! The first impression is always bad. You would be annoyed, and judgy, and the first thought is to escape from them!

Now that you have avoided the salesperson but you have a problem now. You want to move your connection from 4g to 5g.

You go to google or any other search engine and type the query. You see a list of “to-do’s” in a featured snippet. You go into it. The site contains all the essential information about what to do and how to do it, and finally, they have concluded, if you need assistance, contact Airtel!

Now, what will you do? You will contact them - 3000%

Why? Now the site understands your problem, and they have provided solutions for it without selling them. That ensures connection! The connection ensures business — Now or in the future!

These are some of the reasons why content is an essential and integral piece of sales enablement.

Next Steps

  1. Conduct a content audit and discover your content inventory.
  2. Segregate on this aspect — Which content is bringing you traffic and which is not!
  3. Create a long-term content strategy revolving around your discovery.
  4. Automate your backlink generation with the help of SEO best practices.

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