Unlock Customized Conversions with Personalized CTAs”

Tailored Call-To-Action to maximize engagement and boost B2B conversions

Arihara Sudhan
3 min readJan 29


Unlock Customized Conversions with Personalized CTAs

You know what?

90% of the people who read your headline, also read your CTA!

That is why Personalized CTA’s are crucial for your B2B Business!

According to Hubspot, personalized CTAs convert 202% better

Personalized CTA perform better!

Hello B2B SAAS companies, If you are thinking about CTAs, let me tell you this.

Personalized CTA performs way better and gets you conversions than you ever imagined. It induces the DOSE hormones, which in the case, will infuse trustworthiness into your business relationship.

No Longer “Request A Demo”!

Are you a B2B company using “Request a Demo” or “Get a Demo” CTA or form for your Demo process?

Is your calendly form headline reads — “Book a Meeting?”

Then you are losing your prospects!

Because, you are not talking to a ROBOT!

You are asking a well-skilled human who has “feelings” to try your product. Persuasion and trust are significant virtues to make the business relationship prolonging.

Personalized CTA will help you achieve that.

But How?

  1. Know your Target Audience: You will have to create a laser-focused CTA to improve conversions and that can be achieved by segmenting your TA based on various factors, including demographics, behavior, and interests.
  2. Test & optimize your CTA: Try different approaches and use your expertise and experience to determine which CTAs resonate best with your target audience.
  3. Add Value: Personalized CTA is not just words. Any copywriter can do that. Make sure that your redirection satisfies the intent and adds value to the prospect.
  4. A/B testing: Continuously test and iterate different versions of your CTAs to find what resonates best with your audience.
  5. Keep it relevant: Ensure the CTA aligns with the content and context on the page.

Some of my Personalized CTA suggestions

Note: The below-mentioned suggestions are not personalized CTA templates. These are generic suggestions. Use more specific and contextual “personalized CTA”

  1. Instead of “Get a demo” — Try “Inspire Me” or “Show Me How It Works”
  2. Instead of “Book a meeting” -Try “Let us discuss One-on-One”
  3. Instead of “Request a quote” -Try “Let’s talk Business”
  4. Instead of “Learn more” — Try “Explore further”
  5. Instead of “Sign up for a 30 day free trial” -Try “Let me try this for 3o days — free”
  6. Instead of “Join our webinar” — Try “Let’s learn something New”
  7. Instead of “Explore our solutions” — Try “This is how we do it”
  8. Instead of “Speak to an expert” — Try “Get Our Expert’s suggestions”
  9. Instead of “Get in touch” — Try “Lets Build something marvelous”

What comes next is not a magic! It is just conversions!

Change Your Perspective

Make your CTA actionable, but CTA is not Call-To-Action anymore. It is a “Call-To-Admiration”. So, make it count



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