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Arihara Sudhan
3 min readDec 31, 2022

I have gone through many repurposing ideas, but this one literally blew my mind.

Have you heard of “Blook”?

Yes, you read it right! It is Blook.

I am confident that most of you would have guessed its origin. It is a blend of two well-known words — Blog and Book.

Now, What Is Blook?

Blook is not a new tech or something that will help you transform how you repurpose the content.

Blook is a printed book derived from a weblog. (Collins Dictionary Definition)

It is a printed form of digital web logs or blogs compiled into one long book. You could get a question now! Man, how is that possible?

It is possible. But under one condition! “Topical Authority.” Without that, Blook makes no sense.

To put it in simple words, Blook is your topical authority taking its physical form.

Blook is not something you can create into a physical book listed in your blog archives. You will have to be a subject matter expert in that particular niche to create a “Blook” successfully.

You must pick the best topics where you have achieved a stronghold in niche and traffic and repurpose them into a printed form that people admire.

Why Blook Is The “Oldest New Way” Of Repurposing Content?

I say it is the Oldest new way because “Blook” is not a new concept.

It was actually new in 2001 when Joel Spolsky published his first book as a Blook — “ User Interface Design for Programmers.”

The Print-On-Demand publisher — “Lulu” wanted to recognize “Blook” writers by introducing a literary prize for Blooks, which was named — the “Lulu Blooker Prize.”

Oh Great! But

How Is Blook Going To Help Me Repurpose My Content?

  1. People love solutions.

And if it is a book full of solutions tailored effectively, who would prefer to avoid reading them? No redirections. No pop-up messages. No ads! Only solutions!

2. Your competitor is not thinking about this!

Only one in a hundred marketers think about “Blooking” to repurpose the content. So, this is your sweet spot to promote your content and add new value to it.

3. Physical books still sell

In a world full of e-books, you should know that physical books still sell successfully. So, it is one of the best options to push your “non-fictional blook” to the stores. Several surveys and forums have concluded that 66% of American readers prefer printed books to e-books.

4. Better way to establish you have a thorough knowledge of your niche

Blook is the better way to establish your topical authority in your readers’ minds that you know more about that topic than anyone else.

5. Best way to create visibility for those idle pages

Truth be told, only 15 to 20% of URLs bring almost 90% of traffic, and other URLs are just sitting there. Blooks can add value to those pages by bringing in more visibility.

Does Blook work?

Possibly. It may work or may not. But one thing is clear. You will have to have a clear content strategy for Blook to work!

Blook might not work if

  1. Your blogs are not posted to create a topical authority in a specific niche.
  2. Your marketing budget is very limited. Yes, you need to spend more to publish physically!

Here Is What You Should Do Before Jumping Into Blooks For Repurposing Your Content

  1. Do thorough research on your content inventory.
  2. Do audience research and Ideal Customer Profile analysis to predict whether your blocks will sell.
  3. Ensure that you have a topical authority on your niche or sub-niche. ( Yes, I repeated it ..coz..it is super important)
  4. Create a strong content strategy around your topical authority.


Blook or No Blook, you will have to repurpose your content to create credibility and a stronghold in your niche. If it is blook, it is your added advantage. If not, it is Ok! No Hard Feelings!

But one thing is clear — If you have to win in content marketing, you will have to run on the paths that no one has ever run on. But make sure that path has your audience in it! Else it is a waste of time!

Happy content marketing!



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