ChatGPT Cannot Replace Content Creators But Accelerate Creation!

*Giveaway* 14 Recommended AI tool Links For Content Marketers to “fasten” content creation

Arihara Sudhan
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ChatGPT Cannot Replace Content Creators But Accelerate Creation!

I am not going to start that “Technology is fastly growing” because we know that it is!

We also know it is traveling in Godspeed! But can it take over us?

It is a strong No! Because we are the drivers of technology.

Similar is Artificial Intelligence.

Why ChatGPT cannot Replace Humans?

There are certain justifications for why ChatGPT cannot replace “human” content creators. Some of them are

1. AI is not new to us!

We know ChatGPT gives surprising answers to our questions. A detailed and well-structured answer to say! But is it new?

Not Much!

Let us compare Google and ChatGPT

Both are AI — Both Google and ChatGPT are AI. The only difference is that Google answers user queries through a narrow AI mechanism, whereas ChatGPT follows a widened approach by including human feedback.

Centralized, but not Centralized — Google is a centralized search engine, whereas ChatGPT is constructed as a centralized tool, but it follows a decentralized approach.

2. Narrow results

You may get relevant and satisfying results, but the problem with ChatGPT or advanced search engines is they provide narrow results. You have to reframe the question to get a different answer. Else you will get the same results. But Google provides millions of references within seconds.

4. Higher plagiarism

Every human can create unique content when given comprehensive references. But with a single point of reference, there is a higher chance that it could lead to plag. I am not saying that people will copy-paste, but ideas do collide! The first to publish escapes, and the others may get flagged!

5. No Point of View

With ChatGPT, Publishing becomes a rat race than sharing ideas! There is a dire need for humanizing the content and sharing the point of view to escape content cannibalization. This explains why “Recent AI” cannot replace human creators.

6. Dopamine matters

Emotions play a greater role in connecting people, and AI cannot cross-examine and express based on the reader’s pain points. To be honest, AI can help identify the pain points of the user based on the human feedback shared on the internet, but it cannot provide content solutions for it!

Am I Saying That ChatGPT or Other AI-Based Content Generation Is Frivolous?

Nooo! You will need ChatGPT and other AI tools like CopyAI or Jasper for content creation to

  1. Fasten your content creation (But you have to humanize it) — AI content creation tools can help create content super fast. But are they aligned? No. That is where the role of humans comes in! You must induce a POV (Point of View) and make the content lively to connect with your target audience.
  2. Content structuring and content flow recommendations — Writers’ block is common, and if your strategist does not give your content brief, it feels like hell. AI content can help you remove those blocks so that you can focus on how to proceed with the content or restructure it according to your business goals and target audience.
  3. Build SEO perspectives like Featured snippets, keyword analysis, etc. — ChatGPT is appreciated more because of its Q and A approach, which can possibly help you get a spot on Featured Snippets. (Caution: Do not just copy-paste the content. Those content will get flagged)

But remember this

AI is a stunt double.

We believed that actors did their stunts themselves during our childhood days. It is only after we know that the actors use their stunt doubles, right?

Similar is the AI. AI is a stunt double.

The stunt double may perform exemplarily, but he/she can never replace the “original” because it is the original the people love, even if they perform stunts or not!

ChatGPT or any AI content creation tool can create content. But only humans can align the content, add SEO best practices, and other on-page activities like internal links to make the content productive.

This is why ChatGPT or any AI tool cannot replace humans!


You can

Accelerate content creation with these AI tools!

Here is my giveaway of AI content creation tool “ideas” that can help you fasten your content creation! Go wild! But use your voice too!

  1. ChatGPT — Q & A based content generation.
  2. — Convert text to videos really fast (Using deep fake characters)
  3. — Mapping out the sub-reddits
  4. Convert text to animated videos
  5. — Analytics-powered whiteboard to get quality conversions.
  6. — Presentation and design software
  7. — Content generation software
  8. — Create Social Media Video Posts in Seconds.
  9. Craiyon — Text-to-image creation using AI
  10. — Create content and optimize for Search Engines faster
  11. — Stable diffusion images creation
  12. Midjourney — Image generation
  13. — Next-generation creation suite
  14. — Social network for light field images.


AI and Humans are generation brothers. They are like yin and yang. One cannot exist without the other in this technological world. But how far efficiently we are humanizing the content AI creates- matters! So, AI cannot replace Content Creators but can Accelerate the creation process!



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