Benefits of Direct to Home Television technology:

Days are gone where each and every home carried a zig-saw antenna to receive signals for their television network. Later, cables took over the television era where one can watch a limited number of channels for a monthly payment.

But this generation is more advanced. People need more choices and consumerism has evolved more better. The introduction of Direction Broadcasting Services (DBS) technology is really a thirst quench for all those television lovers.

This decentralized technology allowed people to keep their own satellite at home front and receive required signals for their desired television channels.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the undeniable benefits of Direct to home television technology.

DTH in India:

DTH is regulated by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in India, Since its introduction in 1996, the service had gone through a lot of struggles in getting implemented. The legal introduction of DTH dated to the year 2000, where the Ministry allowed for the distribution of DTH services.

New TRAI rules for DTH technology:

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced some laxative rules for the DTH technology in India

  1. Free to Air channels doubled from 100 to 200 for the Basic Network Capacity Fee of Rs. 130. Previously, for the fee of Rs. 130 plus 18% GST, the total fee for the hundred channels stood at Rs. 154. At present, for the same fee, TRAI had allowed telecasting 200 free channels.

These rules are extremely beneficial for the television lovers as it came into effect in March 2020, adding a treat to the people as a gift during the pandemic lock-down.

Benefits of Direct to Home technology:

  1. Decentralized and Independent: You need not worry about calling the cable service executive when your connection went off as the DTH is really a decentralized control basis. Also, there are very rare and minimal hassles in connection as it is satellite based technology.

DTH technology is one of the youngest and evolving technologies in the television sector. It is more preferable to choose the DTH technology over traditional cable services as you can enjoy reliable television services at the lowest rate possible. For reliable and trusted DTH services, you can reach



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